Real-Time Simulation Toolbox

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The Real-Time Simulation (RTS) Toolbox is a free Matlab toolbox for system-level discrete-event simulation of distributed real-time and embedded systems.

The RTS Toolbox uses the component-based design approach of the MPA/RTC Toolbox however, instead of using abstract representations of event arrivals and resource availabilities (such as Variability Characterization Curves (VCC)), it uses traces. It provides facilities for random generation of traces of finite length given the VCC specification, and computation of the VCCs given the traces.

The library of components in the toolbox at the moment supports:

  • Periodic event sources.
  • Event sources from traces.
  • TDMA resources with 2 slots.
  • Fully available resources.
  • Resource availabilities described with traces.
  • Basic computing components such as GPC and AND.
  • Plotting facilities.

This is a preliminary version of the simulator and there is no User Guide available at the moment. There are several examples included in the release that can be used as a reference.