Release Notes

These release notes document the devlopements in the RTC Toolbox since the first beta release of the RTC Toolbox on February 27, 2006.

March 07, 2011: RTC Toolbox Version 1.2.beta.100

The online User Guide has been extended with sections on:

  • The usage of the rtcvalue command for obtaining the y-coordinates of a curve
  • The usage of the rtctighten command for making curves additive
  • The modeling of applications specified with Marked Graphs

Febrary 14, 2011: RTC Toolbox Version 1.2.beta.98

  • Implemented timing analysis methods for resource sharing multicore systems
  • Implemented methods to analyze the WCRT for multicore systems with FlexRay arbitration on the shared resource
  • Implemented methods to analyze the WCRT for multicore systems with TDMA arbitration on the shared resource
  • the corresponding methods are located in rtc/mpa_work/resource_sharing/

July 26, 2010: RTC Toolbox Version 1.2.beta.92

  • Implemented an interface for the use of the RTC Toolbox within the SymTA/S Analysis tool.
  • Objects of class Curve are now serializable.
  • Supppot for Base64 Encoding.
  • New operators rtcjoinstruct and rtcforkstruct for handling the join and fork of structured event streams (permit arbitrary composition and decomposition of streams)

January 30, 2009: RTC Toolbox Version 1.2.beta.50

  • BugFix: MatlabUtil.sampleCurve now returns the actual y-value of the first segment at x=0, instead of 0
  • Added: Java methods yXPlusEpsilon(x), yXMinusEpsilon(x) that return the y-values of a curve at (x+eps) and (x-eps), respectively. Now yXPlusEpsilon can be used as a substitute to 'affine+y0epsilon'. More details can be found in the API
  • Added: Matlab functions rtcapprox.m and rtcapproxs.m that return curves approximating a set of curves and a single curve, respectively. More details of how to use them can be found in Part 3 of the online User Guide
  • Added: Matlab function rtcconvpjd.m that returns the (p,j,d) parameters of curves approximating the original set of curves. More details of how to use it can be found in Part 3 of the online User Guide

December 23, 2008: RTC Toolbox Version 1.2.beta.7

  • Major update of RTC Toolbox
  • Methods included to model Hierarchical Event Streams with Event Count Curves (ECCs)
    • inverse of curves
    • concatenation of curves
    • join and fork of event streams

October 14, 2008: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.07

  • BugFix: Bugs fixed in PeriodicPart and Messages

July 16, 2008: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.06

  • BugFix: Check if RTC Toolbox is installed properly
  • Schedulability test in FIFO component

May 30, 2008: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.05

  • BugFix: EDF and FIFO components
  • Improvement of rtcand
  • Documentation for rtcaffine changed
  • BugFix: rtcplotbounds

Feb 6, 2008: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.04

  • BugFix: Calculation of minimum for curves (curve segments) with an infinite x or y value. Resolves java.lang.OutOfMemoryError problems.

Sep 24, 2007: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.03

  • New modeling components added for FIFO and EDF scheduling.
  • Tutorial extended.
  • rtc_load function added for using the RTC Toolbox without installing it.

July 07, 2007: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.02

  • BugFix: Fixed some problems with operations on one segment curves. Java error: ArrayIndexOutOfBound: -1
  • Possible to change the precision of the mathematical operations: Parameters.setPrecision(double)

June 25, 2007: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1.01

  • BugFix: Added test in minPlusConv for curves with one aperiodic segment (0, Inf, 0). Resolves some of the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError problems.

June 21, 2007: RTC Toolbox Version 1.1.beta1

  • Major change in naming of directories and names of MATLAB functions.
  • BugFix: minconv gave incorrect results with certain aperiodic curves.

March 21, 2007: RTC Toolbox Version 1.0.beta1.03

  • BugFix: minconv gave incorrect results with certain aperiodic curves.
  • BugFix: RTinvBeta gave incorrect results.
  • Optimization of certain Curve constructors.

October 11, 2006: RTC Toolbox Version 1.0.beta1.02

  • Added the Java API documentation.
  • Extended the tutorials.

October 2, 2006: RTC Toolbox Version 1.0.beta1.01

  • BugFix: Prevent infinite loop during installation.

February 27, 2006: RTC Toolbox Version 1.0.beta1

  • First official beta version.