PESIMDES (Performance Simulation of Distributed Embedded Systems) is an extendible open-source library for performance simulation of distributed embedded systems based on SystemC.

SystemC, a widespread platform for system-level modeling and simulation, can be used to estimate the performance of distributed embedded systems modeled on a high level of abstraction, i.e. as an aggregation of event generators, processing resources and tasks with BCET/WCET. However, this requires a substantial set-up effort, as all the necessary components of the system model must be implemented from scratch. Because on a high level of abstraction all distributed embedded systems are composed of the same basic components, we have decided to collect a number of such components in a common repository in order to reduce the set-up effort required for a SystemC performance simulation. The result is PESIMDES, a library for performance estimations of distributed embedded systems build on top of SystemC. PESIMDES is intended to be a pool of reusable modules which are designed to facilitate the system-level modeling and simulation of large distributed embedded systems in early design stages.

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